Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Steamed Dry Fish with Eggs

This can be done for any of the salty dry fish, here I got Shaoxin Roasted Carp (绍兴醉鱼).

1 pack of Shaoxin Roasted Carp (170g)
5 eggs
1/8~1/4 pound of ground pork
cooking wine

Mix ground pork with salt and cooking wine, set for 5 minute.

In a big ball, beat eggs, add boiled room temperature or luke warm water, add ground pork and mix well. put in the piece of fish (can add some salt if the fish is not too salty).

Steam in high heat, 30 minutes.

Optional: add some chopped scallion pieces and sesame oil before serving. Soy sauce can also be added to adjust the saltiness.