Monday, August 27, 2007

BBQ Ribs

This BBQ rib is our all time favorite. The first time I made it was for a get together at Thanksgiving time. The dish did not even make to the table -- people finished it right after I cut the pieces. I got the recipe from some Chinese website, but can't find the link anymore. Here's my version briefly:

Wash the pork (rib) and pat dry, rub on evenly a mixture of brown sugar/chili pepper powder/salt (about a ratio of 7:2:1). Store the pork in fridge for 4 hours ~ overnight (sometime I store it in freezer at this point). Wrap with aluminum foil all around . Pour in a liquid mix of soy sauce, cooking wine, honey/maple syrup with crashed garlic. Make sure the aluminum foil is folded at the top before the thing goes to oven. Bake at 375 F for 1.5 hour.

Paprika or cayenne pepper or any other hot/mild powder can be used depending each person's taste. "Whether hot or not, it always taste good", as my husband commented once. The key is to wrap well when baking -- the moisture is sealed within, making it tender and juicy.